Comic Art, Illustrations & Colouring

Below are links to published work and Comics/ sequential art/ Graphic Novel projects.

As part of the Outreach for HI-EX.
I have run Comic classes across the uk for various projects including the BBC.

Artwork for two comic strips in;
' Spirit of Hope'
available HERE
a panel from Band of Brothers graphic Novel Fallen heroescover for band of Butchers- Fallen Heroes
Digital Colours for 'Band of Butchers' a story for the 'Tales of the Fallen' anthology. Due out November 2011
Fallen Heroes created by Barry Nugent.
artwork for Band of Butchers by Rob Carey. script -Dan Thomson, Letters- Paul McLaren
Slaughtermans Creed
'Slaughterman's Creed'
written by Cy Dethan, Art by Stephen Downey, Letters by Nic Wilkinson. My colours.
published by Markosia. launched at Bristol Comic Expo 2011.
A recording here of 'The task Blood' a talk on the creation of the book
with all the creative team.
sci fi art now book by john freeman
Sci-Fi now
book by John Freeman, October2010. Many great artists ( and me )
trees for life exhibition entry
Tress for life charity Exhibition.
art work in catalogue book available here.

angus puff the fire safety dragon
Angus Puff ( a fire safety dragon )
a book written by Young Carers, illustrated by Me and published by the Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue service for all schools in the Highlands

spinechillers comic strip
Spine Chillers
a strip for Renegade arts entertainment
murky depths illustration by Vicky stonebridge
Murky Depths
received the British Fantasy Award for Best Magazine/Periodical 2010 at Fantasycon.
Illustration by me in Issue 13

Turning Tiger
by Richmond Clements. Variant cover by Simon Coleby Coloured by me. Plus pin up by me.

"The scientist" for 'Something Wicked' #5-2009 plus Cover art.
For Sale here
Young Wulf sternhammer
a story by Richmond Clements published in 200ad Fanzine DogBreath, Art by Kevin Levell, Colours by Me.
'The Kindness of strangers'
written by Lee Robson, lettered by Bolt-1, 'Something Wicked'#4 from Futurequake publications
Wild West Wendy, written by Richmond Clements,
Episode 1 published in Action stations. Episode 2 a full length adventure 24 pages published by
'The Hidden Monster' written by Ben Womack. lettered by Dave Evans, published in Something Wicked#3 . oct 2007

"Once too Often" published in '' Comic 2009.
(unpublished but true story of a starving artist), "Don't give up the day job".


Anderson Psi Division- 'The subtle art', Written by Tom McVeigh, lettered by Bolt-01. Zarjaz #5
" Underground workers" written by Martin Gooch, Futurequake #5
"Gervais Edwards", Psychic defective" by Richmond Clements for lost property #2 and issue 3
FUTURE QUAKE #6 " the picture " written by Arthur Wyatt. May 2006.
'Enid foulbroom'. 3 episodes, writer Paul Scott, published in sunny for girls & solar wind plus a photostrip of enid foulbroom in the photostrip special.
'Maeve the many armed', written by Richmond Clements, lettered by Dave Evans, Dogbreath fanzine. Oct 2007
Mallory, writer Richmond Clements, published in Futurequake#4

The kelpies lament