Published comic art by Vicky Stonebridge.
'Maeve the many armed', written by Richmond Clements, lettered by Dave Evans, Dogbreath fanzine. Oct 2007
'The Hidden Monster' written by Ben Womack..lettered by Dave Evans, published in Something Wicked#3 . oct 2007

Wild West Wendy, written by Richmond Clements,
Everyone's favourite Cowgirl is back in a full length adventure!
To save her Immortal Soul, Wendy must journey into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. It was good enough for Christ: it's just about good enough for Wendy!

24 pages of fantastic wild west action for only £2!

FUTURE QUAKE #6 " the picture " may 2006.

Enid foulbroom, writer Paul Scott, published in sunny for girls & solar wind plus a photostrip of enid foulbroom in the photostrip special.


Christmas strip 2006


work currently in progress:
maeve the many armed returns for 'dogbreath' issue 16
an animation for end is nigh magazine 2007
a fairy story for the next issue of futurequake.